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If you think that our planet is incredible then Geography is the subject for you. Geography deals with the immense variety of processes, cultures and countries that make up the richness of our world.  To achieve this it combines study of our fantastic natural environments with a human understanding of global issues and characteristics, and will help you develop a greater awareness and care for the environment. Students will find the AS/A Level course stimulating and interesting if they are keen to gain a greater understanding of how and why differences exist in a huge variety of factors over the earth’s surface. In addition a Geography student acquires a training which is ideally suited to the rapidly changing employment market where flexibility and a wide range of skills are necessary for success.  The truly dynamic nature of the subject and the problem solving approach used in Geography are elements which are in continuous use in all manner of careers.

How will I Study?

In Geography we use a wide variety of teaching and learning styles. Much time is devoted to student centred exercises which apply theory to practice (especially through fieldwork) and encourage self-development – asking you to think for yourself.  We also provide a huge amount of support for your work outside school. This is mainly achieved through our use of the Becket Portal where we have the widest range of support materials of any non-ICT department in school. We also provide thorough revision materials in the approach to the exams.

Field Study

You will also collect information in the ‘field’ carrying out techniques such as studying rural villages in Lincolnshire, investigating tourism in Matlock Bath, studying the nature of river channels in upland Derbyshire, and analysing coastal landforms in North Yorkshire. At AS Level the field work will be carried out through three single day trips. For the A Level all students will be expected to attend our 5 day residential field course based in a hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire during Year 13. This course will enhance knowledge gained in the classroom, aiding understanding, providing detailed case studies, and use a variety of data collection techniques. We have yet to have a student who has failed to thoroughly enjoy this trip – a week of learning and enjoyment.

Entry Requirements

A grade B in GCSE Geography is the entrance requirement, although in certain special circumstances this can be waived. If you have not done Geography at GCSE and are really interested in the AS/A Level please discuss this with Mr Price and/or at your interview.

Course Details

The two units for AS Level are:

Unit 1: Managing the Physical Environment – Florida, Dubai, Spain, Siberia, the Alps, even the UK are all part of the tremendously varied landscapes studied. Topics are rivers, coasts, hot and cold environments. We aim to develop your understanding of the physical processes that produce landform features, the impact of these processes on human activity and how human action has affected the physical processes.

Unit 2: Managing the Human Environment – Study examples from South Africa, India, Myanmar, Ecuador, Antarctica and many more. Topics are managing urban change, managing rural change, energy issues and tourism. We aim to develop your understanding of the processes that produce a variety of human environments, the principle changes and how humans are trying to manage the changes.

The two units for A2 Level are:

Unit 3: Global Issues – Candidates will develop the ability to identify and quantify issues of global concern, an understanding of the processes responsible for these issues, how humans are responding and the different consequences. Options include earth hazards, climatic hazards and globalisation.

Unit 4: Geographical Skills – We aim to develop your understanding of the process of geographical investigation including fieldwork, skills needed to complete investigation, an awareness of problems and an ability to evaluate outcomes. The skills developed here will prove extremely useful in life after school.

Pastoral Support

Personal attention and advice on an individual basis is an important element in helping students gain AS & A Level success. All staff who teach AS & A Level will offer help to students who have problems. A study skills booklet is available from the start of the course. Both our AS and A Level revision programmes are supported by extensive, interactive, computer based revision guides usable on any computer.


AS/A Level Geography. OCR Specification

Units for AS Level:

Unit 1 – Managing the Physical Environment. Section A: Structured stimulus response questions. Section B: Extended writing question. (50% AS – 25% A). 1hr 30mins.

Unit 2 – Managing the Human Environment.   Section A: Structured stimulus response questions. Section B: Extended writing question. (50% AS – 25% A). 1hr 30mins.

Units for A2 Level:

Unit 3 –  Global Issues. Section A: Structured data response questions. Section B: Essay style questions. (25% A). 2hr 30mins.

Unit 4 – Geographical Skills.  Section A: Structured data response questions. Section B: Extended writing questions. (25% A). 1hr 30mins.

Careers and Higher Education

A Geographical qualification, at AS/A Level or degree level, is widely recognised as one of the most appropriate starting points for a huge variety of occupations – be they vocational: e.g. environmental conservation, hydrology, planning;  or non-vocational: e.g. law, industry, commerce, local government, commerce, broadcasting (TV and radio), journalism, publishing, teaching, banking, and management. Geographers are particularly valued by employers because of their adaptability, flexibility, and decision making abilities.