General RE

General RE

General RE

What is General RE

“In the life of faith of the Catholic school, religious education plays a central role and vital part… is the foundation of the entire educational process…it is the core subject in a Catholic school”. (‘Religious Education in a Catholic School’: Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales 2000)

It is within the above context that The Becket School approaches the General RE programme for the sixth form. Our aim in the RE Department is to engage our post 16 students within the ethos of Catholic teaching and to challenge them to reflect on core issues for themselves.

Please note that all students who do not take either the A Level in Religious Studies or the AS over 2 years in Ethics and Philosophy will be required to take part in the General RE programme.


Year 12

In year 12 this is achieved through a programme of study under the direction of the National Open College Network-NOCN. At present we are accredited with a Level 2 qualification (equivalent to a GCSE). Work is under way by NOCN, in consultation with UCAS and Catholic Colleges of higher education to move towards adding to the points system for university through their courses. This would further enhance our programme of study in the sixth form at The Becket School.

We aim to provide the best opportunity for our young adults to engage in a meaningful way in the process of moral, spiritual and religious education. Year 12 look at issues to do with:

  • the nature of spirituality, theology and ethics
  • how we make ethical decisions
  • the meaning of religious commitment in the modern world, in relation to key moral questions like abortion, euthanasia, war and poverty
  • issues of life and death not just from the Christian perspective but from other world religions, and their own reflections

Other faiths take a key role as pupils explore religious pluralism and the relationship between religious belief, personal faith and lived experience.

All of the above requires the students to participate in lessons on a weekly basis. They will each keep a personal log of reflection to record their own insights into the topics covered. Other activities such as, small and large group discussions, debates, research and presentations further enhance the learning experience of our students. The course includes short essay activities; which, along with the reflective log, form the core of the NOCN assessment process.


Year 13

Year 13 attend a shortened programme of General RE. (The course will always finish at Easter to leave sufficient time for A2 revision). Under a similar format of work and structure, but without an assessment, students are asked to engage with major themes such as:

  • The existence of God
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Human Rights
  • War and Conflict
  • other world religions-Buddhism and Sikhism
  • The Nature of Conscience
  • Business Ethics
  • Marriage
  • Suffering and Evil
  • Liberation Theology and the Theology of Body