Internal Deadlines for UCAS applications

Internal Deadlines for UCAS applications
Posted On: September 8, 2020 10:06 am

Students applying to UK universities do so electronically via UCAS apply. Once your child has registered their personal details, reference and personal statement, they can apply for the particular undergraduate courses that they wish to study as well as the specific universities that they wish to attend. The school has set the following internal deadlines to ensure that all students who wish to make an application make an informed and confident decision regarding which University to attend and the course they intend to study:

Final draft of personal statement completed: Friday 13th November

UCAS application completed and paid for: Friday 11th December

We encourage parents to discuss with students the options available to them Post 18. We also encourage all students to sign up for a careers appointment with Ms. Jacobs the school’s UCAS and Careers Leader via the Year 13 common room on google classroom in this first half term.